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By introducing the pedestrian safety reflectors as one of our primary products,
we make safety a statement! SegurançAgora.com is serious about
bringing life-saving reflective products to Portugal.  

SegurancAgora Safety Reflectors in Portugal

By being a Portuguese company with Nordic management we bring the knowledge and experiences of life saving reflective safety products from Scandinavia, where the usage of safety reflectors has been proven to be the best aid to reduce pedestrian traffic accidents in the dark.

We invite the businesses and organizations to join the effort of reducing the high numbers of tragic and fatal traffic accidents in Portugal and even abroad, by advertising on our life saving pedestrian reflectors and spreading them among the public as useful promotional gifts or as products for retail and fund rasing.

Our marketing is based on statistics of traffic accident and on the hard facts of safety in the areas our products are used for personal protection and we also inform the public about how to be safer in the dark by using reflecting safety products.

Our business in Portugal is to supply you with a variety of products for your safety anywhere you might be in the dark. 

Henrik Dimitroff
Founder and director

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? Be aware that some brands of reflectors may look the same but would not pass the requirement for reflectivity and give a false sense of safety to  anyone who uses them.




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