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? Printing on reflective safety products with soft prismatic film

It is highly recommend that the print is placed under the reflective film when the reflectivity is not reduced of the life saving product. The print is still  visible through the reflective film and protected to last the whole lifetime of the safety product. Therefore all print automatically goes on the PVC middle layer under the reflective material, if not requested on other way.


It is possible to print anything on our products: a logo, trade mark, slogan, figure or photo, as monochrome or multicolored with silk screen or with digital printers.

? The ideal required pixel-size for a layout is 300 dpi using CMYK-colours sent to us in .pdf, .ai, .cdr, -format, photo printing requires a high resolution image in .jpg-format.

? All printing material and matters for printing must be sent to us to print @ segurancagora.com with details of your order and contact information.

? Before the production of your order start at the factory, we will send you by e-mail a layout of the print on the product for your approval and after confirmation the order proceeds.

? If you have no tools to create a high resolution image of your logo for a print, please contact us for Artwork Assistance. Print layout processing from customers material will be charged separately with an additional cost.

? If you are planning a promotional campaign and want to use any of our products with your printing, contact us in good time before to receive your campaign products without any delays.

? We provide printing on all safety reflectors and on most of our products, see the options and details on product info with each product at our web store.

? Printed images, logos and texts are well protected from scratches and dirt under the reflective film, best as centered and not too close to the edges of the product.

? Fluctuation of printed image position +/- 1mm max. a movement tolerance is considered acceptable.

? We expect our client to be the owner of copyright to any printing material sent to us.
More about copyright matters found from The Terms and Use of This Website.

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