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Attacher D

Upgrade Option for Safety Reflectors -additional cost



( SoftReflector )
€0.16 (including 23 % tax)

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05dgp-prodinfo-12Parrot Lock (D)attacher- with a ring

Optional for Safety Reflectors!

This choicewith additional costfor each is to makeanupgradeor achangeto orders up to 5000 reflectors already being in process before the production.

New order of Safety Reflectors:
- to replace the standard attacher options (A, B or C),make no choicenext to the actual reflector from the"Add to cart"-box drop-down selection
-please upgrade here above with the same amount (ex. 250 x each) as your order is made
To change an excisting order:
- please upgrade with same amount (ex. 250 x each) as your order was made and complete with payment
- we contact you soonest with e-mail confirm to proceed with your order

Attachers for reflectors are not sold separately.